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What to do when your flight is delayed or cancelled?

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Is your flight from the Algarve delayed or cancelled and you are now suffering a financial loss? Your holiday can end badly due to a delayed flight. Luckily, you can get compensated for your financial losses. With easy online services you can file a compensation when your flight has been delayed and you have arrived more than 3 hours later than the estimated time of arrival. Find out exactly what to do when you are in the unfortunate situation of experiencing significant flight delay from Faro Airport.

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Flights delayed in the Algarve

It is a daily business that flights all over Europe, including the Algarve, are delayed. This is confirmed by the 2019 on-time performance review of airlines.  Even the European airline that scored the lowest delay performance had over 13% of all their flights delayed. The best thing to do when you are in such a situation is to make the most out of it. More time to enjoy the sun and beaches of the Algarve! But of course, we all know that delayed flights can have a negative impact for passengers. For all these reasons, passengers are protected from financial loss by EU law.

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When can I claim compensation?

If you’re flying from Faro Airport, then you are protected by strong EU laws, that state that airlines must compensate their passengers in case of the journey disruption. The EU passenger law applies when a flight departs within the EU. The airline is legally obliged to compensate passengers in sitations they can control. This applies to problems with the airplane for example. There are also situations when (low cost) airlines decide to cancel a flight in case they sold too few seats. Situations beyond control, such as bad weather, are exempt from compensation.

What are my rights when a flight from the Algarve is delayed?

  • You are eligble for flight compensation when the delay is 3 hours or more.
  • Flight compensation ranges between € 250 and € 600, depending on the distance of the flight.
  • After 2 hours delay, an airline has to provide food and drinks to the passengers free of charge.
  • If your flight is delayed overnight, the airline must provide hotel accommodation.

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When do I receive flight delay compensation?

The amount of compensation is a fixed price which depends on the distance of the flight:

  • € 250 compensation on short distance flight delays, up to 1500 km.
  • € 400 compensation on medium distance flight delays between 1500 and 3500 km.
  • € 600 compensation on long distance flight delays, over 3500 km.

Flying low cost

Did you pay € 50 for a ticket with RyanAir from Faro to Dublin? The compensation fee is still € 250 if the delay is over 3 hours. So even you if you fly with a low-cost airline, you can get the full amount of compensation, which can be higher than the price you paid for your flight ticket.

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How do I apply for compensation if my flight is delayed?

Please be aware that the process to claim your compensation is not fast and requires effort.  When a serious delay takes place, airlines are usually the last to inform passengers of their compensation right. But it is the airline that needs to compensate you for your loss. It normally takes several months from the first time you contact the airline until the moment you receive your compensation.

There are several companies that can help you with the compensation process to get compensation for a cancelled flight. We have good experience with AirHelp, which is an established and trusted company that helps passengers succesfully claim their compensation. They will even go to court if an airline does not cooperate. You can check if you are eligble for cancelled flight compensation by using their free flight database. AirHelp will only charge money if the compensation claim has been successful. They will deduct a 35% fee from the compensation. This means that using AirHelp is free of charge if they do not manage to get you compensation. They will work to give you 65% of your compensation, without much effort from your side.

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